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What is accumulator bet and how it works?

​Just what is an accumulator bet? This is a type of betting which, within a single wager, uses four selections or more. This betting type allows the betting party gains from placing the bet, but only when and if all parts being placed to bet with are simultaneous winners. Returns would be calculated as if the accumulator transpired had not included the selection, on the occasion that there is a non-runner situation at hand. As a good example of this particular situation, six-fold bets would turn into five-fold bets. Standard rules would dictate what would happen with dead heats in a winning position. In that case, they would be settled at with lower odds.

accumulator bet slip

Accumulator Bet types

Accumulator odds would be further enhanced by bonuses happening at fixed percentages, which are made readily available through certain bookmakers (or bookies). Accumulator bets also go by the nicknames of "multiples" or "accas" or "parlays" across the betting sub-culture. If you've ever heard either of these terms being uttered by a sports fan, then they may have been referring to an accumulator bet within the conversation.

From each event that an accumulator is made for, selections can't be included into a singular accumulator. The reason for this is to avoid cheating, wherein a better may attempt to place more than one selection on the same bet, thus increasing their odds unfairly for other betters. Since there is a sort of "one bet takes all" mentality with accumulator bets, certain betters prefer to take their chances towards folds of their past wagers. That way there's still the possibility of gaining some sort of return from their efforts, despite not all of their selections being winning selections. To give one such example, let's say there's someone placing a 6-fold bet as an accumulator and they've also chosen to place a bet on a few tinier 5-fold accumulator bets. In the case that one of their bets are unsuccessful, at least they've got something to show for it afterward.

How does it work?

Accumulator type bets have a number of types. To make up an accumulator, there needs to be at least 4 selections or more being made within the same bet. There do exist accumulator types that possess less than 4 selections, though they go by a different name than the typical. For two selections within a single bet, it is called a double. For three, it is called a treble (not triple). Once you get to four selections, the name changes to a four-fold accumulator. From there onward, it continues with five-fold accumulator, six-fold accumulator, seven-fold accumulator, etc. It continues on indefinitely or to the max number of selections being included within a single bet. Technically, there is no such thing as an upper limit for the number of selections that can be included within a single bet. Unless it is specified by those whom you are betting through as a house rule, though that is not necessary. Since there is usually no limit, there is the potential to make huge bets and win some gigantic returns.

The way accumulator bets work is through the careful calculation that is made up of combining each selection included in the bet. The way this is done is a bit of a complicated process, but one that a pro bookmaker would be well familiar with. Your potential accumulator bet odds may be calculated through the careful conversion into decimals the individual fractional odds of each of the selections you've chosen for your bet. You would then multiply them together. When done right, if you are able to do so on your own at least, you will get a pretty accurate picture of what your winnings can look like with each total bet should it be a winning bet. This type of manual calculation is not the easiest to figure out, even for self-proclaimed mathematicians. That's definitely the case for odd numbers for bets, which can be even more tricky to figure out.

Why accumulator bet?

Due to its high odds and lower stake, not to mention the higher return potential, there is a reason why accumulator type bets are so popular. All sports seem to have accumulator betting in one form or another. It is probably obvious why accumulator betting is so tantalizing in that industry. Keep in mind that with accumulator bets, while you only win if all of the selections are correct in the wager, that also does a world of good for the possible payouts to be of a high caliber. Though, the exact amount will depend entirely up to you and how many selections you feel comfortable including within your wager.

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This is the type of betting that pros really enjoy the most, since it is a real step above the typical single bet. By increasing your odds, you are also increasing your potential winnings, while the stake remains exactly the same. Yes, that means that you can potentially spend $2 and try your chances at winning $500 or $5,000 simply by adding a few more selections to the bet. So, there is really nothing left to lose by potentially gaining a lot more than playing it safe with a singular bet type.

Let's say that you have three teams that are playing on the same night and you want to place a bet on each of them with multiple placements. An example of a winning accumulator bet for these would be if you bet on these three teams to win on the same night, having each team be a different placement within the same bet, you would have yourself a winning bet if all three teams win. In the case that one or more of the three teams you've bet on does not win, then you end up losing the whole bet, even if two out of the three teams win. When asking "what is an accumulator bet?" you have your answer right here, in a nutshell.


It's true that accumulator betting is higher risk, but that risk does not include a higher risk towards loss of expense from you, since the amount remains the same for how much you are putting on the table to take a chance with. The possibilities are as low as they would ordinarily be with accumulator betting. The amount of risk involved is completely in your hands as the one placing the bet. With that in mind, you now have all of the knowledge needed to figure out whether accumulator betting is right for you.


How to bet online on sports?

As access to online sports gambling sweeps across the world, the need for knowledge about how to bet online becomes increasingly more important. The information below will serve as a tutorial about what online sports gambling is, how it is done and what someone can expect as an online sports bettor.

how to bet online the beginners guide

Establishing a Sports Betting Account

As long as the individual lives in a region where online sports betting is allowed, the process of finding a sports book should not be difficult. For people living in India, there's dozens of licensed sports books operating in the UK and parts of Asia, which should provide ample choices.

After selecting an online sports book, the gambler will need to register for an account. The most important required information will be the gambler's place of residence and age. As long as ample proof of both can be provided to the online sports book, the verification process should go smoothly, resulting in an approved account being established.

Before wagering can begin, the gambler will need to make a deposit into their gambling account. While the available deposit options may vary from one online sports book to the next, the following options are usually available: credit cards (MasterCard, VISA), eWallet options (Neteller), bank wires and in some cases Bitcoin. Once funds have been successfully placed in the gambler's account, they can begin wagering on their favorite sports.

Betting Markets

The number and kind of betting markets an online sports book will offer will depend a great deal on which jurisdiction the online bookmaker is operating within. Indian sports bettors will likely be most interested in betting on sports like Cricket, Soccer, Field Hockey, Badminton and Martial Arts. They should have no problem finding sports betting markets related to these and other sports with a top online sports book operating in Europe. A good bookmaker will provide as many as 25-30 betting markets and 250-500 matches/games every day.

The Betting Process

At this point, it's time to discuss how to bet online. Most top online sports books will offer betting access through PCs with a traditional web browser or through the use of mobile devices that are compatible with popular operating systems like Windows Mobile, iOS (Apple) and Android.

While the sports betting industry is always hard at work trying to innovate new types of wagers, there are six types that are still considered sports betting standards. They include:

  • Straight Bets - a wager on single team, individual or occurrence to win an event/match/game in question
  • Parlay (accumulators) - A wager that has two or more teams, individuals or occurrences on the same betting slip, in which case all the selections have to win in order for the overall bet to be a winner
  • Teasers- Betting on some sports (American football, basketball, Cricket, Aussie Rule Football) are based on point spreads. A teaser allows the bettor to move the point spread a predetermined number of points per game, over at least two games on the betting slip 
  • In-Game - A modern innovation that allows bettors to place wagers on certain activities within a game or match while the game or match is in progress
  • Proposition Bets - Wagers on the specific accomplishments of a team or individuals during a given game or match. The prop bet might be a wager against statistics or between two teams/individuals comparatively
  • Future Bet - Future bets allow bettors to wager on a team or individual in a match or event to be held at some point in the future

Understanding Betting Lines

Whether a point spread is included or not, each betting option is expressed as a money line. A money line represents the amount a bettor needs to wager in order to win predetermined net profit. Hopefully a couple of examples will clarify how betting lines work.

In every match/event/occurrence, there's most likely going to be a favorite and underdog. The money line for a favorite will be expressed with a minus (-) in front of the money line. The minus represents the amount the bettor would have to bet to win an even $100. The money line for an underdog will be expressed with a plus (+) in front of it. The plus represents the amount the bettor will win if they bet an even $100.

Calculating Winnings

Straight Bet Example: Chelsea is playing Arsenal in a Premiere League soccer match. Chelsea is favored, therefore, the betting/money line might look like this:

Chelsea -150
Arsenal +120

Using a $100 dollar betting increment, the payouts would come back as follows:

The bettor would have to bet $150 on Chelsea in order to win $100
A $100 bet on Arsenal would return an net win of $120 

Parlay Example: The bettor decides to use Chelsea but they also add Manchester City at +150 in a game versus Liverpool on the parlay betting slip. The wager is $100 and they must win both games to cash.

Here's how the potential payout would be calculated"

First step: $100 on Chelsea at -150 ($100/150 = $67 + $100 = $167)
Second Step: $167 from Chelsea win on Manchester City at +150 ($167 x 150 - $250 + $167 = $417. 

The amount received back would be $417 - $100 (original wager) = #317 net profit

Note: Calculating payouts might seem complicated, but it gets easier with experience. As a rule of thumb, the bet amount is divided by the minus amount to determine winnings while the plus amount is multiplied by the bet amount to determine winnings in the other direction.


Sports betting online is a wonderful source of entertainment for tens of millions of people all over the planet. However, the risk is real. Under no circumstance should anyone ever wager more than they can truly afford to lose. Gambling dollars should be what's left over after bills are paid and savings has been set aside for the individual's future. Learn before start betting from this "how to bet online" guide.

Neteller Review | Best Online Payment System

With all the wonderful aspects shown on this Neteller review, it is definitely a secure place to turn to. And it's available 24/7.

Launched in 1999, Neteller is a Paysafe Financial Services Limited company providing e-wallet/e-money services. The founders of this organization are Stephen Lawrence and John Lefebvre. They are headquartered in Douglas, Isle of Man. They offer individuals and businesses an alternative way of making payment transactions online instead of using traditional ways. Also, they assist clients in obtaining money privately and securely. They offer companies the option to receive and send payments to markets where the traditional forms may not work. Furthermore, their services are trusted by consumers and merchants in over 200 countries across a broad industry spectrum. 

neteller review best ewallet

Deposit and Withdrawal Options- Neteller Review

Once you sign up for Neteller and follow their instructions, clients will have a secured ID and password so they can deposit and withdraw whenever they want to. Clients must register their bank account with Neteller. They also use credit cards and international bank transfers for depositing. The transferring of funds will either go through an electronic funds transfer (EFT) or through instaCash deposits.

For Canadian clients only, Neteller has a tool called instaCash which is used in order for the client's registered bank account to transfer funds into the client's account. The client's Neteller account balance will be checked to determine whether or not there are sufficient funds before transferring. Also, at least $10 must be available to transfer via InstaCash. 

To transfer funds, the client must login to his/her account, go to the "cashier", and choose "deposit". Then he/she must hit "deposit now". The next step is to enter the desired amount to be transferred. A bonus code should be entered too if available. Then the "account ID" and the "secure ID" must be entered in which were sent to your registration Neteller email. The client must also enter the last four digits of his/her bank account which were registered with Neteller before submitting. The funds will be in the account instantly with credit card deposits if the bank approves it.

The EFT takes four to five business days to process due to ACH clearing. The InstaCash process is similar to EFT deposits, but funds are received instantaneously. 

When it comes to withdrawing from Neteller, first a successful deposit must be in the account. Besides that, the client must login, click on "withdrawal", and then choose "Neteller". Neteller does transactions in USD, SEK, PLN, NOK, MXN, HUF, GBP, EUR, DKK, CAD, and AUD. 

Net+ Virtual and Plastic Card

Neteller provides two different ways to directly withdraw or pay Neteller funds from the Neteller account through their Neteller Net+ MasterCard. Their virtual Net+ MasterCard or plastic Net+ Prepaid MasterCard can be used. This prepaid MasterCard can be withdrawn at thousands of MasterCard ATMs globally or through any shop accepting MasterCard.

Clients can order the card for a one-time fee of 10.00€ fee in the NETELLER account. 
ATM withdrawal fees are 1.75%. The POS, point of sale/ paying in shops, is free upon matchable currencies; otherwise, the fee will be 3.99% FX currency exchange rate fee. 

These MasterCard are available in eight currencies, including USD, GBP, JPY, AUD, DKK, SEK, CAD, and EUR. $3,300 USD is the maximum daily amount to withdraw at ATMs. Also, 6,300 EUR is the maximum that can be spent daily. To order the Neteller Net+ Virtual Prepaid MasterCard, the client must log into the account, choose "Net+ cards", then choose "get a virtual card".

Net+ Prepaid Card Fees and Limits

neteller prepaid card fees and limits

Neteller Security 

This system is known to be the most secured method in the world due to its two-step authentication of the client's account. This two-step authentication adds another layer of account security. The client must offer a code from his/her smartphone along with his/her email and password. And with this company being UK Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) authorized, it holds over 100% of the client's account balance in trust accounts. thus, the client's money is always there when he/she needs it. 

Neteller App

Neteller can be downloaded for free through Google Play for Android. It also can be downloaded through iTunes for iOS. And once the client downloads the app, he/she can shop securely, transfer money, check the account balance, make discreet payments, and access prepaid card services. Furthermore, clients can receive and send money and deposit funds whenever they want 24/7

Neteller VIP Benefits

Neteller also has tons of benefits as well, and they include the following: 

  • VIP Chat
  • Multiple Currencies Usage
  • VIP Guarantee Against Fraud
  • Discounted Withdrawals and Deposits
  • Guaranteed Limit Increase
  • Flexible Transaction Limits
  • Daily ATM Limits of Cash Withdrawals

Registration Procedure

This Neteller review shows how wonderful this service is. Even the registration process is quite simple and straightforward. Clients can join for free by going to the site and clicking on the appropriate link to sign up. Then, he/she must assign a username and password when signing up. The password must be a minimum of eight characters with a minimum of one uppercase letter and one number. The client must also use the right account currency, and proceed on to save on transaction fees associated with financial transactions. Then, the reviewing of the details entered is done before confirming. 


When it comes to verification, Neteller will request the client's proof of address and proof of identification. It must be a government-issued photo ID, such as the driver's license, passport, or state ID, and they can be scanned, uploaded, and sent using pdf, gif, bmp, jpeg, or jpg. 

Pros & Cons​​​​

In addition to the benefits mentioned above along with the low to no fees, the other advantages of Neteller include the transactions being swift and the services being accepted worldwide. The only disadvantage is how cumbersome the setup could be.

Neteller Support

Global support  :  +44-20-3308-9525

Report a lost or stolen Net+ card  :  +44-20-7526-9219

Online Cricket Betting Phenomenon

Betting was always a crucial part of cricket, however, as cricket becomes more popularised, betting demands have grown on a global level. While online cricket betting meets these needs, the complex game and crowded market can seem overwhelming. Knowing the basic ins and outs will save a tremendous amount of time.

Cricket almost certainly originated in England, and to date, it is their preferred summer sport. It is uncertain when cricket originated although historians presume it was between the 13th and 16th century. Some say it began as a children's game while others claim the game predated back to English shepherds who passed the time by playing cricket. The latter is plausible as cricc is an archaic word for staff, which the shepherds used as their bat. Today a few different versions of cricket are played reaching as far as Sri Lanka, India, Australia, South Africa, and West Indies.

in-play online cricket betting

Online Cricket Betting Strategy

Strategizing will require looking at a few a range of factors. A few things worth honing into at first is the venue, terrain, climate, and weather. Location and weather are two of the most vital components in sports. A change in wind direction or a quick rain can turn an entire game around. It is crucial to understand where players are playing, but also how the players respond to conditions where they are playing. 

Studying the form of teams and the individual players will help with this. is the top site to obtain such information. The Internation Cricket Council posts team, individual, and past rankings along with information about the conditions of a series. Leading run scorers rank as top batsmen while leading wicket-takers rank top bowlers. It may also help to look through the archives of previous test matches to decern what conditions suit the batsman or bowlers at the test venues. The detailed information regarding weather and form of players is updated and listed on

A couple of other things to pay attention to are the team lineup and the coin toss. If a key player is missing due to injury, this is a crucial factor to consider when strategizing a bet. Losing the best batsman is not an end-all, but it can be detrimental, especially if the opposing team takes advantage of the fact. The last thing to look out for is the coin toss. Many never think twice about it is another overlooked detail that can be detrimental. If the team that wins the coin toss can strategically match their strengths and weaknesses with the conditions around them, they may have easily won the game already. Do not underestimate the coin toss. 

Popular Betting Markets for Cricket

The online cricket betting markets change from time to time and from game to game. However, using the strategies above, the best markets to look out for are: To Win the Match, Leading Run Scorer, and Leading Wicket Taker.

For ODI and T20 try these markets: To Win the Match, Top Team Bowler, Top Team Batsman, Highest Individual Score, Most Run Outs, Player Performances, and To Win the Toss.

Online Cricket Betting Guide

Before placing bets, register with an online sportsbook. Some of them are not accessible to all locations. You will have to check the websites before registering or use a VPN to get around the white noise. Here are a few preferred choices to consider:

Bet365 is one of the largest bookmakers in the UK with more than 19 million customers. They do not have a welcome offer. However, they have a user-friendly interface and a wide array of sports and games. There is a substantial selection of cricket games with live streaming and live betting. 

888Sport is one other bookmaker that has been in business for a long time and has a great reputation. They offer quick payouts, a substantial selection of cricket games to bet on, and high betting odds. 888Sport offers bonuses for deposits among other promotions that they run from time to time, making them one of Bet365's fiercest competitors.

BetWay is competitive because it offers features Bet365 does not. BetWay does have welcome offers, however, they lack the cricket selection that Bet365 and 888Sport offers. BetWay is a great starting point but it may mot be enough to satisfy an avid cricket better.

1Xbet is a hidden treasure not known to many. Its original conception was for countries like Russia and Armenia. 1Xbet offers substantial cricket games and the betting odds offered are relatively high. The only downside - help may be hard to find if it's needed.

Next, find an e-wallet. Some websites accept credit cards, PayPal, and other forms of payment. However, most transactions are country to country, therefore, having an e-wallet is more secure and consistent, and it's less of a hassle. Neteller or Skrill are popular e-wallets that most online bookmakers accept.

There are three different versions of cricket: Test, One Day Cricket (ODI), and Twenty20 (T20). Test Cricket is the traditional game of cricket played over five days. As the name indicates, it is a test of endurance and strategy. For One Day Cricket, each team is allowed 50 overs, and the game concludes in a day. This version of cricket gained popularity in the 70s. T20 is the most recent version and the quickest game. Each team has 20 overs, and the game concludes in a few hours. 

At this point, it is best to do some research and strategize before placing a bet. Strategically, the urgency is higher the quicker the game. T20 games will test instincts and sharpness while Test games test patience and endurance. 

Twenty 20 Cricket Leagues

Indian Premier League is a professional league founded in 2007 in India. Players from Indian cities form teams and play in April and May each year. The IPL has a large fanbase. In 2010, it was the first in the world to live stream a sporting event on YouTube.

Australia Big Bash League is a professional league founded in 2011 in Australia. The players come from eight Australian cities and play in December and January each year. The BBL is one of the sports leagues with the most attendees. Their most successful team is the Perch Scorchers with three titles to their name. 

South Africa Ram Slam T20 League is a professional league in South Africa founded in 2003 that hosts the Ram Slam Challenge every year. While it only consists of six teams, Ram Slam invited Zimbabwe to be the seventh team during the 2007-2008 tournament. The Titans are the reigning champion with five titles under their belt.

Pakistan Super League is a professional league in Pakistan founded in 2015 and has six teams competing in February through March. The PSL functions as one unit, each franchise owned and regulated by investors rather than being independently owned. 

Bangladesh Premier League is a professional league founded in Bangladesh in 2011 and competes in November. It consists of seven franchises, and it is one of the three leagues in Bangladesh. BPL is popular and favored around the world.

Caribbean Premier League is a professional league in the Caribbean created in 2013 and comprised of six teams. Each team has one local and one international player, and the teams compete between June and August.

England NatWest T20 Blast League is a professional league in England and Wales created in 2013. There are eighteen teams split into two divisions, each having nine teams. NatWest Blast is one of the more recent leagues, however, standing out in the crowd by offering 'Finals Day.' On Finals Day, the semi-finalists and finalists play one after the other, which sort of flirts with its predecessor, One Day Cricket.

Sri Lanka Premier League is a professional league in Sri Lanka created in 2011 and consists of seven teams. Due to funding issues, SLPL started out slow. However, they gain more and more momentum each year.

Cricket has been a long time favorite sporting event all over the world. Newer and shorter versions of the game make it even more accessible. Although cricket is a highly complex game, it is not impossible to learn. In fact, men, women, children, and elders all over the world enjoy a good game of cricket.

Of course, if you're not playing cricket, you're watching and betting. Online cricket betting is the new phenomenon that gets bigger and better every year. Remember the cricket betting basics: 

Find a sportsbook that aligns with your needs and your level of expertise
•Strongly consider using an e-wallet for your online betting
•Choose a version of cricket: Test, ODI, T20, or a mix
•Sift through and and gather as much info as possible
•Pay close attention to venue, weather, the coin toss, and any significant injuries

When it's all said and done, there is one thing more important than strategy or anything else... Have fun! If you're not having a laugh, what's the point?


How to choose the best Online Bookmaker?

Choosing the Best Online Bookmaker

Choosing a great bookmaker is key to competing in the online world of betting. There are many points to consider in choosing the best one. There is no one single best online bookmaker, but instead certain bookmakers cater to the needs of particular subgroups - hobbyists, part time, “professionals”, small cap, and large cap to name a few.

how to choose a bookmaker that is good or bad

Website Ease of Use

A bookmaker’s website has to be easy to use. Navigation should be straightforward and intuitive for beginners, but also offer depth of content for advanced users. Practice using the website prior to committing to a particular website as your main interface with online betting. Check that you can access your live bets quickly, account deposits and withdrawals are secure, and that there is customer service support available during your active hours. 

Most websites now offer mobile betting as well. Download their mobile application and see how easy it is to use. Is this app something that you can see yourself using on a daily basis? Does it have all the same functionality of the desktop website? 

Live Betting

All of the best online bookmakers have live betting platforms. Verify that all of your chosen events are available regularly on the particular website that you are evaluating. Are you looking to bet on local, domestic, and/or international events? Check that these are listed and have minimal lag time for events across the globe. Is the live feed of the event available on the website? Being able to bet on the fly is very important during live betting.

Betting Limits

Are you a beginner in the world of online betting, or are you very experienced? If you are a beginner, you may want to choose a website with low betting limits. If you would like to bet with other beginners, generally choose websites with low betting limits. Some experienced online betters will choose websites with very high betting limits to give themselves the highest flexibility in a variety of bets.

Special Offers

Who doesn’t like a little bit of extra cash to play with? Some websites give a small weekly bonus to encourage customer loyalty. Look for a single free bet, a deposit match, doubling your odds, or free cash with a minimum deposit. Is the special offer just for new users (as a “welcome bonus”) or is it ongoing? 


An additional evaluative measure is if they are certified by an official testing agency. The Independent Betting Adjudication Service (IBAS) helps determine betting-related disputes. The European Sports Security Association (ESSA) ensures sufficient honesty among online bookmakers, uncovering match-fixing, and upholding overall sports betting integrity. GambleAware is a social authority, helping potential gambling addicts identify that they have a problem and point them in the right direction to get help. 

In conclusion, there are many factors that go into choosing the best online bookmakers. In the end, the choice is based on the individual. These guidelines should help the user have a more productive online betting experience.

What is Betting Cash Out and how does it work?

The betting cash-out option is a feature that was recently introduced in most betting sites in addition to the live betting or in-play feature. The principle surrounding cash out is bet offers are made in real-time, before the final result being decided. To be precise, betting cash out allows you to get your money back right before the game ends if the preliminary results seem to be going against your favor (i.e., you realize you’re going to lose). This feature is ideal for those who quickly foresee a loss and the money you get back is determined by the time you decide to cash out once the game commences.

In-play markets are usually volatile therefore the amount you gain from cash out is difficult to predict, more so in the final stages of a game. When the chances of securing a win are not apparent, the cash out option fluctuates and can be removed altogether.

Here is a real example of how betting cash out works

Assume you have placed three bets of $10 each on five different soccer teams with odds of 1/1, 3/1 and 15/8. If all your bets win with relative to the odds, you receive $230. Now, imagine that with ten minutes left in all the games, and your teams are winning, you are offered a cash-out option of $180. You have two options, you can either accept the cash-out, walk away with the guaranteed $180 or you can reject the cash-out and walk out with the $230, this, however, is if your teams win. If your teams equalize or lose in their matches, your winnings get significantly smaller.

betting cash out amount

What is the meaning of Partial Cash Out?

This, contrary to the former, gives you an opportunity to cash out partially the amount you have placed in a bet while the remaining amount and continue to run the rest of the stake. A Partial Cash Out offer is made according to the selections prices available within your bet. It allows you to collect some of your winnings but leave some of your stakes on to lock-in a profit, depending on the outcome.

To put it into perspective, you’ve placed a bet with a cash out value of $100. Different betting websites have different cash out increment value, let us use 10%. The amount you’ll be able to cash out partially is $10, and the remaining $90 continues to cover your bet. However, it is prudent to note that the returns will be based on the $90 non-cashed out amount.

partial cash out amount

Auto Cash Out Feature

The Bet365’s recent innovation, this feature gives you the opportunity to form ‘cash out rules’ which are carried out by the system without further input. Auto cash out works by placement of the bet at the time of choosing, before the settlement and creating a cash out rule that ensures that your staked amount is automatically paid out once the offer reaches a specific level.

The threshold is what you’ll define and set, and the system will cash out your earnings even when you aren’t logged on to the account. This feature also supports partial auto cash out where after setting the threshold, you can then instruct the system on the amount you wish to cash out.

Here is a real Auto Cash Out example:

Assume you placed a $10 bet over a 3/1 odd, on a team to win the Super Bowl, the returns equal to $40. Using the auto cash out feature, you can create a rule to ensure a betting cash out happens when the offer exceeds $20. Alternatively, with partial auto cash out, you could instruct a total of $15, while the remaining $5 is left to ride the bet.

auto cash out create rule

Why do online betting websites offer the cash out option?

Indeed it does seem strange that some betting websites offer an opportunity for customers to minimize their losses. Not only does a betting cash out option provide security to them when placing their bets but also adds some excitement to the process.

The cash-out option is yet another betting techniques advancement, with the increasing popularity of the live or in-play betting feature introduced on game betting. Have fun enjoying this new feature and bet wisely. Check our bookmaker review for best features.

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